IF YOU’VE ACQUIRED ANOTHER COMPANY, CLOUD-BASED APPLICATIONS ARE THE SOLUTION TO INTEGRATION For growing companies, integrating partners and recent acquisitions can be a challenge. Whether you’re split between separate office locations or are simply trying to provide easy access to data and resources for staff, IT demands can make implementation a difficult process. The good news is there is a solution to these problems, and it might actually be easier than you think to integrate by leveraging a cloud-based application. In using a lightweight, open-source integration solution with cloud-delivered integration, you have an effective and inexpensive solution to business integration.

Disaster Recovery

Whether you need help backing up important databases or architecting a complex replication solution across data centers, we have the expertise, technologies, and services that your plan needs. The best way to avoid downtime is to eliminate single points of failure in your configurations. As you add redundancy, your ability to recover quickly improves and costs increase. We understand that DR is expensive, so we can offer you an experienced team that can help you choose the right resiliency solutions based on your risk tolerance, and ensure they’re optimized to meet your recovery objectives and budget.

Business Intelligence

With a deep understanding of the threat landscape, Our Business Intelligence Team works closely with clients on important matters, like transactions, to help them minimize risk and make critical decisions with confidence. Businesses looking to expand their footprint through a transaction, third-party relationship, or investment, need accurate information about these entities and their executives and the potential risks that they may present. Clients turn to us for our in-depth experience and highly specialized skills in the areas of due diligence and investigation, as well as for our use of advanced technology, to help them gain deeper insights and navigate successful outcomes.

Strategic Planning

We help organization's define their strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue a strategy. Generally this involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions.

IT Security

Regardless of all the resources invested in traditional information security approaches, many organizations still fall prey to cyber threats and are unprepared to safely and effectively embrace new technologies. DC Current helps IT and business leaders develop and implement a security approach that ties security to business goals, combats a spreading variety of threats, and embraces emerging technologies to support the enterprise’s continued pursuit of new digital business opportunities.

IT Management

Our Infrastructure Managed Services maintain and enhance your IT environment, so you can free up in-house staff to focus on core business and pursue innovation. Catering to the core components of your infrastructure and operations, we provide rapid access to world-class expertise, tools, automation, best practices and industry-leading processes to help strengthen and grow your business.

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